When cats rule the roost

Our 'Missy' has entered our lives in our 'sunset' - as mature "castrated" survivor of a marriage break - but kept separate, however. A kitten was not a preferred option at this time. Our need for a "point of kill 'cat did not take long ... just the maturity, experience, silent, stealthy prowler type guerrillas would.

Mice and rats threatened to eat out of house and home, because apparently generously (but in reality their will and, in fact, bitterly) fed chook food and grass seeds and milk powder for calves. Our dog, Muffin, tried valiantly to dominate the enemy, but it was beyond their ability to thwart their frantic attacks. She just could not do it alone ... Missy and therefore joined the fighting forces ... with great enthusiasm and success seriously.

We had one hand the 'cat' option for many years due to our feathered friends wanted - we wake up with a happy song every morning. I could not bear the thought of a cat stalking our beautiful Blue Wrens. Did you know? Fat around the spongy bodies little tail feathers very long turn more nervous and expressive - and the male is bright blue ... as a cloudless sky, bright summer.

I could not bear the idea - until - the adorable 'aviators' decided to attack the mirror of our very popular and beloved 10 years, Mercedes Benz sedan ... and not just an attack, you understand ... but actually fertilize the mirrors and doors, hood and roof of the car! Adding to the growing food avalanche Sparrow / chook, everything was too much. Missy was a welcome wildlife warrior.

Today, the good news is that some birds have been lost - but many mice and rats are doing their Creator at the moment (do you really create?). And the best news is that both the cat Missy and Muffin the dog, not just kill and eat them. No. .. who choose to leave them near our back door to show that they earn their bed and board. (This "test" bit is somewhat questionable as to the "best" table etiquette goes ... but well ... ah-hh a dead mouse is the best mouse ... to us!)

Missy Cat in effect, "the show" while outdoors ... And on the inside as well (more on this shortly!). She has all but decimated the 'Raiders of the Lost Roost' in the full understanding and respect for the sacrosanct rights of "laying hens". Chooks and cats alike, seem to have developed a fine of "translation" of their shared "bok-boks' and a myriad of" meows ". They talk when they are hunting with a lot of tonal variation and innuendo. I can not comment on the language of "eyes" - Chooks beady eyes (quite expressionless, I've found) - and cats can become very eyes fixed and fierce, when "work".

The Chooks definitely "get it" are not the focus of respect Missy unblinking and stalking just dragging the belly-definable. And stick to play with the "dead" fruits of their labors. I think they're so fond of her as Chooks are capable of being.

And the "great interior"? What I can say? Missy staff, after all, Seniors - in years, "pet" experience ", and the questionable wisdom of children and pets are at stake. You would not think two "mature engines and agitators / allow a cat to bear all of the best seats in the house (in the dining room table in the living room, and under the bed in the master bedroom, the carpet in the bathroom, where the smallest room is busy!) You do not seriously believe this, unless of course you are also a member cat-owner/staff.

Cat's point of view is that it is simply what is right and because of them! Have not you noticed as you get up again, just when he had settled comfortably in his favorite chair ... because the cat wants to go ... Now! - Or again ... Now!

And how else can you react to this furry tyrants that dominate your life? You have a 'melt' when they purr with passion and fickle as keep you incredibly awkward positions in order to keep you comfortable - right? The medical explanation is that petting a dog drastically reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. The cat lover is human explanation "Because!"

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    Thanks for sharing the great post. We hope you kitties are taking care of those mouses around the house. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
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